Lines in the Landscape

Today I read my poem “A Tentative Psalm” at the Fruitlands Plein Air Poetry Celebration, alongside fellow poets featured in the chapbook Lines in the Landscape: Plein Air Poetry at Fruitlands.

Thanks to the jurors (Elizabeth Cooper, Susan Edwards Richmond, and Mark Schafer), chapbook editors (Susan Edwards Richmond and Maggie Green), and fellow poets (Louise Berliner, Zachary Bos, Terry House, Franny Osman, Georgia Sassen, Corinne H. Smith, and Kirk Westphal).

Following the chapbook readings, headliners X. J. Kennedy and the Light Brigade read their brilliantly funny work.  The Plein Air Poetry project is sponsored by Fruitlands Museum and the Concord Poetry Center.

Lines in the Landscape

Cover Design by Mary Delaney, Photo by Mark Schafer.

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